Why is a good whey protein essential for bodybuilding?

If you’re not getting enough protein, no matter how hard you train, you’re never going to build the muscle you want.

But although it’s important to eat properly, it can be difficult to fit all of the protein you need into your daily diet, particularly if you’re not going to be at home.

Whey protein can help to make sure that you not only get enough protein to build muscle, but also delivers it in such a way that it can be used more easily by your body.

Here’s just a few reasons why a good whey protein should be part of every bodybuilder’s diet.

Preserves muscles

If you’re on a cutting cycle, it can be a big challenge to reduce your calorific intake while still holding on to your muscle mass.

Whey protein has been shown to help conserve muscle, even when you’re trying to shed body fat. And as an extra advantage, whey protein has even been linked to a greater reduction in body fat than dieting and exercise alone.

chocolate whey protein powder

This means that if you add whey protein to a cutting cycle, you’ll retain more mass and shed fat more easily – perfect!

Supports bodily functions

Whey protein is fast-acting which means it will be in your bloodstream in less than half an hour. This makes it a very accessible form of protein for the body and can be used either before exercise to promote muscle mass growth or following exercise for recovery.

Whey proteins contain what experts describe as essential amino acids and can help to promote muscle repair and maintain metabolic processes.

Put simply, whey protein supports the body in a variety of different ways which leads to quicker recovery, bigger muscles and less body fat.

Buying whey protein

Taking whey protein is a no-brainer for any bodybuilder but it’s not enough to simply ram any type of powder into your diet. Taking a poor whey protein won’t provide you with the benefits that you might have been expecting.

One easy way to tell if you’re getting the real deal is to take a look at the ingredients list. What you want to see is the list packed with whey protein, and not fillers such as carbohydrate and fats.

Most whey powders are flavoured to taste nicer but you still need to check you’re not overloading your system with sugars and other fillers. The nutrition panel can be an easy way to check the contents.

But even if the protein content is high, not all whey proteins are created equal; look out for hydrolysed whey protein isolate or whey protein isolate as the top ingredient on the list. Whey protein concentrate isn’t such good quality because the process involves less filtering which means more carbohydrates will remain. The amount of protein in concentrate can be as low as 35% so this is a very important factor in the quality of the whey.

The very best whey powders contain at least 80%, and preferably over 90%, protein.

Make your whey protein count

If you’re taking a whey protein, it’s because you want your body to have the best chance of building muscle. You don’t need surplus carbs, fats and sugars because you can get those from your diet easily enough.

By making sure that you have a whey powder which is high in good quality protein, you can be sure that you’ll get the effect that you are paying for.