Why Is Rest Very Important When It Comes to Building Muscle

Most athletes, body builders, and fitness gurus understand the importance of a good warm up before hitting the gym hard and heavy and of appropriate rest times in between all your body building and weight lifting sets.  In addition, there is not a bodybuilder or avid weight lifter out there that will not tell you how critical getting the right amount of sleep each night is to your overall workouts and more importantly to your fitness goals and results.  Many will tell you that, believe it or not, sleep is every bit as important as your exercise and workout itself.

Sleep and Your Muscle Growth

Though the majority of people are clueless to the fact that sleep and muscle growth must be incorporated together in order to achieve successful results with your fitness routine, athletes and those dedicated to their weekly workouts, will confirm that one is critically important to the other when building muscle.  It’s normal for people when thinking about building muscle mass to think about long hard hours in the gym working out, weight lifting, and performing a variety of other exercises as well.  Typically, it is necessary to spend lots of hours in the gym in order to build muscle mass and reach those all-important fitness goals.

In addition, people are very well aware that a good balanced diet is also critical to obtaining your fitness goals.  However, there are not many people who remotely think about sleep when they think about body building, weight lifting and building muscle.  The truth is that sleep plays a critical role in achieving fitness objectives and in the growth of muscle mass.

a picture of a bodybuilder asleep

When people work out, their muscles encounter a wide range of tiny little microscopic tears that require repair at some point in order to strengthen your muscles and grow muscle mass.  One of the most important tools for repairing muscle tears after a hard workout is sleep.  When you are sleeping, your body takes advantage of this down time and sets in motion the steps needed to repair and bring back to life your muscle tissue that was ‘damaged’ during your weight lifting or body building regimen.   While you are sleeping, your body actually performs metabolism at a rate that is far greater than when your body is awake and active.  Therefore, it is important to get sufficient sleep each night in order to ensure that your torn muscles are repaired properly and effectively.

How Much Sleep Is Necessary?

Bodybuilders and fitness gurus do not work out every day.  Although you do not typically work out every day, it is important to sleep every day and to get the right amount of sleep each day that is essential to the repair of torn muscle tissue. It goes without saying that getting enough sleep is important every day of our lives, and especially on those days when you work out and train.  Statistics and research will tell us that 8 to 10 hours of sleep per night is a necessary component of your workout programs.  Keeping consistency in your sleep patterns is also important to your everyday body, and to your work out body as well, which is why you want to avoid sleeping too much or too little.

A Happier and Healthier You

Engaging in regular work out or bodybuilding routines is a good step toward feeling better about yourself.  Following the health steps that are critical to consistent workouts, such as a good balanced diet and lots of sleep, will definitely afford you the benefits you need to reach those all-important goals for building muscle mass and increasing your body’s overall strength.  If you are one of the millions of people who are committed and dedicated to your daily exercise and workout routines, then be certain to incorporate both a balanced diet and plenty of sleep each and every night into your daily regimen.  Rest assured, in time you will see and enjoy the goals you set out to achieve and will ultimately fall in love with the happier and healthier you.