History and Overview

Today’s bodybuilding market offers hundreds of supplements, steroids, pro-hormones, and HGH, that helps us age better and improve our physical appearance. However, none of these supplements escapes the controversy on whether they are safe or not, whether they have irreversible, or has damaging side effects.

Today, we will have a look at another worldwide used muscle builder: HGH.


Growth Hormone was first discovered in the 1920s. However, it was not until 1956 that GH was successfully isolated from the human pituitary gland. Scientists started to harvest GH from cadavers; however, in 1981, they finally managed to synthesize the first human grade in a laboratory. The benefits of GH are outstanding: regeneration and cell growth, increased bone density, enhancing muscle mass, and regulating body fluids

GH plays a crucial role in keeping human tissue healthy, including vital organs and the brain. Therapeutically, this amazing growth-promoting factor is used in the treatment of numerous diseases, such as hormone deficiency or insufficiency, Turner syndrome, poor growth generated by renal failure, Prader-Willi syndrome, children born small, inflammatory bowel disease, cystic fibrosis, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoporosis.

The amazing properties of this hormone gave birth to a new culture: the use of synthetic growth hormone supplements to delay some of those changes that inevitably occur with age, such as bone and muscle mass decreases. Many people believe that human growth hormone is capable of turning back the body’s ageing process.

Is it legal to use and buy Human Growth Hormone in the UK?

Just like steroids, it is considered a class C drug, which makes it illegal to sell in the UK. Under British laws, HGH should be available only on medical prescription and should be used to treat severe growth conditions and disorders, such as Aids-related muscle wastage.

However, the possession for personal use is not illegal. Due to it being illegal to sell it can make it hard to source genuine human growth hormone for sale.

A legal equivalent is available to purchase is called HGH-X2. To find out more about this product scroll down.

What about the USA and rest of the world?

In the USA the use of this hormone is wide. Many physicians prescribe this to help combat many different conditions. Many people buy this hormone due to its possible anti-ageing properties.

Canada and Australia have similar laws to the UK.

Best place to buy HGH-X2?

The best place to buy this supplement is by visiting the official website. Many counterfeits of this supplement are on the market. To avoid the risks of buying a fake it’s best you buy directly from the official manufacturer. The link below will take you through to the official website.

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What results can I expect?

Our bodies produce GH naturally. However, the production starts to decline as we age. After the age of 30, it starts to decline by 25% every 10 years on average. At a rough calculation, by the time we reach 50, we are operating at around 25% of the body’s original capacity.

If that didn’t happen, we would live longer, we would be significantly taller, and we would have a much better body composition. But, we can’t fight Mother Nature. Or can we?

Numerous researchers have demonstrated that the effects of HGH on our system are remarkable:
• HGH enhances the synthesis of protein, thus supporting muscle recovery and repair.
• It improves the REM-stage sleep pattern.
• It regulates body fluids, and bone and muscle growth.
• It builds stronger bones and maintains the duration and function of vital organs.
• Stimulates the immune system.
• It improves the sexual performance.
• Tests conducted in people who suffer from obesity have demonstrated that it enhances the metabolism of body fat, converting it to energy.
• Many bodybuilders and athletes have used HGH to maintain and increase lean mass while dieting.

In the case of athletes, since it is not androgenic and has fewer side effects, it may be considered superior to testosterone or other similar derivatives.

picture of muscle man that used human growth hormone

How does it work?

This is a peptide hormone responsible for stimulating growth and cell reproduction and regeneration in both animals and humans. Athletes and bodybuilders use it due to its ability to increase lean body mass, burn fat, strengthen ligaments and joints, shorten recovery time, and speed up the healing of damaged tissue.

But it is far from being a magic potion with incredible results. Despite its proven and amazing properties, if used alone, it is not a powerful anabolic agent. Testosterone and other steroids will be extremely helpful when cycled alongside this drug.

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How is it used and dosed?

In the case of HGH users, the performance depends mainly on each person’s liver capacity and general state. This is why experience should guide you through proper dosing. Obviously, it is recommended to start with the minimum dosage, which should not go above 4 IUs per day.

In the case of athletes and bodybuilders, things are a little bit different. We are no longer talking about deficient patients, but about persons who expect the growth hormone to work quickly and with amazing body changing results.

In these cases, the intramuscular (IM) method may be a better choice, as it reaches the user’s system faster and starts its action quicker. Taken orally, HGH tablets and pellets do work but they are nowhere as effective as injections.

The optimal dosage would be 6 to 8 IU per day, divided into 2 doses and administered 5-7 hours apart. For example, one dose (3-4 IUs) could be taken after a workout, while the other dose (the remaining 3-4 IUs) can be administered before going to bed.

Most chemicals can be taken in several ways. Usually, the generally accepted ‘proper’ administration is the one most people use. Whilst the ‘proper’ method can work wonders for some, it may have little to no effect for others.

The most common administration method has been via subcutaneous injection. However, we are talking about a medical method used for GH-deficient children and adults.


picture of bodybuilder from the uk that cycles growth hormone with great success

HGH side effects

All drugs have their fair share of side effects. Extremely high doses of HGH used for prolonged periods of time might cause acromegaly (i.e. enlargement of bones and organs), which may lead to premature death.

Though there is no definitive evidence that it can cause the rapid growth of existing cancer, it is wise not to use it if you have cancer currently or have in the past. Since HGH helps the body regenerate faster and enhances cells growth, cancer may possibly be accelerated by the use of this drug.

Among the most common side effects, we can highlight middle ear infections, muscle and joint stiffness, fluid retention in the limbs, visible water retention, swelling of the ankles.

Can Human Growth Hormone make me lose my hair?

On the contrary! Though this is an aspect that is still stirring up controversies and that requires further investigation. Hair regeneration and growth are considered to be one of the many benefits of this drug.

Will it make me aggressive?

Aggression is considered an extremely rare symptom when using HGH. So NO, it is not very likely to make you aggressive. On the contrary, it may enhance your feeling of well-being and happiness.

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