There aren’t many women who can say that they have never felt tempted to try those “miraculous” diets that promise to deliver great results in a short period of time. Of course, such promises sound good for almost anyone. And they often even deliver the promised result. Then what is the problem? Well, the main problem is that these diets do not actually remove fat tissues.

How do these diets work?

These ‘miraculous’ weight loss diets do help people lose weight very fast. But, unfortunately, the lost pounds are not fatty tissue, so you will put it back on just as quickly. In fact, you are consuming muscle tissue.

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It is advisable to avoid those diets that are based on too much liquid or that imply a drastic decrease in the daily calories intake, exercise combined with only one meal a day, or, in extreme cases, only a nutritional snack. Crash diets hide dangers that may affect the long-term health and psyche of those who use them.

What is the real danger?

First of all, most experts consider that a sudden drop in the calories intake does not give time to the body to get used to the change. The direct consequences are low energy, dizziness and even a mild predisposition to various diseases. The body needs time to gradually get used to diet changes.

This could be compared with a person without any athletic experience who would suddenly try to run the same number of miles an athlete does. Therefore, any change in your lifestyle – whether it’s exercise or diet – should be made gradually, week by week.

The list of possible dangers and negative effects outweigh the apparent advantages of these ‘miraculous’ weight loss solutions.

The lost weight is re-gained very quickly. Diets of this kind, as stated above, do not give the body the opportunity to adjust to the new pace. When the diet ends, the body will tend to ‘fix’ the losses as quickly as possible. That means that everyday meals will be deposited as fat more quickly, and some people will even weigh more than they did at the beginning of the diet.

Slowing down the metabolism

Ironically, those diets that deprive the body of its nutritional needs very suddenly slow down your metabolism. A slow metabolism means you will burn calories slower and you will fatten faster. Moreover, hunger transmits signals to the brain, telling it that all activities must be slowed down to save energy.

Therefore, when you go back to a normal diet, it is likely for your brain to send signals that will make you eat more and prepare for any future hunger periods.

You can actually increase your metabolism by using powerful fat burners such as ECA stack.

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Depression and anxiety

The latest researches in the field reveal clear connections between anxiety or depressive moods and the lack of certain vitamins in the body. The diets that cause a sudden drop in the amount of nutrients the body receives can have extremely unpleasant psychological effects: restlessness, depression, and even panic attacks. For this reason, it is very dangerous to follow extreme diets over a long period of time.


The rapid loss of extra weight does not always mean that the person will achieve the body of a supermodel. First of all because your skin – stretched until that moment – may now seem saggy. The faster you lose the weight the worse this will be. The skin needs to adapt and shrink in line with your body fat.

Secondly, the lack of nutrients and vitamins can give your hair an electrified and unhealthy look. What’s more, it was discovered that starvation favours the production of bacteria associated with bad breath.

The primary target of any change in your lifestyle should be health. A healthy slimming style will be the most satisfying one, providing long-term results and preventing unpleasant physical and psychological consequences.


So remember to ease into any weight loss diet and exercise always helps. For further assistance you can use fat burners that will speed up your metabolism. Once your metabolism increases your body will shed fat cells faster. Two excellent fat burners are T5 Fat Burners and Clenbuterol slimming pills.

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