History and Overview

ECA stack is among the most powerful energy-enhancing and fat burning stacks. It comprises Ephedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin as its main ingredients forming the acronym ECA UK. Ephedrine that is probably the least popular among the three is one of the four active components of an extract of the Ephedra plant also referred to as Ma Huang in Chinese.

The Ephedra has over 50 species spread out all over the world and is well adapted to arid and semi-arid conditions. It has been used for centuries in China and is reputed to have anti-asthmatic and decongestant effects. In recent times, however, it has gained popular use as a fat burner and performance aid owing to its stimulatory and sympathomimetic effects. It is used hand in hand with Caffeine and Aspirin for best results. However, persons who are allergic to Aspirin use Ephedrine with Caffeine only in what is popularly known as the EC stack.

What results can I expect?

When used as prescribed, ECA tablets are guaranteed to give the most astounding and satisfactory results anyone can ever hope for. They are undeniably effective and speed up the fat burning process quite significantly hence one is bound to cut a lot quicker. One will also experience an increased metabolic rate and increased adrenaline levels. Adrenaline levels go up due to Caffeine, and consequently one experiences a decreased appetite. You may also experience increased focus and concentration that is as a result of the stimulating effects of Ephedrine.

Aspirin causes blood to thin and should not be taken in amounts exceeding the required dose at any given time. ECA UK results are best achieved when the drugs are combined with a healthy hypo caloric diet and plenty of exercise. In unique cases, the ECA fat burner has been found to give some people the boost needed to grow and lift heavier weights. This is attributed to stimulation of the nervous system.


How it works

Ephedrine, one of the constituents of the ECA fat burner is primarily responsible for fat burning and energy enhancing. It stimulates the production of norepinephrine and circulates it in the adipose tissue and consequently increasing cAMP levels. Despite being very efficient on its own, it displays better results when used together with Caffeine. The entire ECA UK is designed to target specific fat cells that are then burnt for energy and lead to a raised metabolic rate. Caffeine and Aspirin are responsible for preventing the body from inhibiting the production of cAMP thus prolonging the fat burning effects of Ephedrine.

Ephedrine has a very short half-life of about 3-6 hours hence it needs to be taken at frequent intervals for one to sustain its effects in the body. For optimum effects, many people prefer to take half doses in three-hour intervals as opposed to full doses at six-hour intervals.

How it is used and dosed

It is highly recommended that one consults their doctor before they begin taking the ECA tablets. This is to avoid complications that may arise in case one is allergic for example, to Aspirin, and to ascertain that they are fit to take the drugs. Ephedrine can be obtained as Ephedrine sulphate or Ephedrine HCL where Ephedrine sulphate is purer but either will suffice.

The ECA stack dosage comprises 20-25mg Ephedrine, 200mg Caffeine and a baby Aspirin. It should be taken up to thrice daily and no more than four times in a day. When starting, one should take a dose daily and increase gradually every two to four days until they have reached the full amount. The first dose is to be taken immediately after waking up and subsequent ones on an empty stomach. Taking any dose too close to bedtime could interfere with one’s sleep.

In order to reap the most benefits from the ECA stack dosage, it is advised that the stack be cycled for six weeks followed by a two-week break from it. It is also only necessary to be administered during workout days if one aims at benefitting from its energy enhancing capabilities only. The stack is unique as it does not require loading and one can terminate its use at will. This, however, calls for a strict observance of one’s diet since discontinuing the use of the ECA fat burner will lead to a slower metabolism and hence weight gain.

ECA Stack Side Effects

Perhaps the most annoying of the effects of the ECA fat burner is that besides cutting down on your weight, it will also take away your hard earned muscle. This could nevertheless be easily countered by supplementing with protein throughout the day. One may also experience a lack of appetite, a side effect of taking Caffeine that also slows down digestion due to the secretion of adrenalin.

Another notable effect is that it might increase your heart rate and as a result probably even hinder your workout from running to completion. Other effects that have been reported include feeling jittery, experiencing abnormal sweaty episodes and headaches for some people. Beginners might also experience increased blood pressure because of the Caffeine. It should be strictly observed that the intake of ECA UK does not exceed the prescribed dose as this would result in worse side effects.

Can this stack damage the heart and other organs?

When taken in excessive amounts, ECA stack can be lethal. One should listen to their heart rate consistently as cases of increased heart rate have been reported in the past. Excessive amounts of Ephedrine have also been reported to cause heart attacks. An increase in blood cholesterol may also be observed, but this is only a mild side effect.

Will it make me aggressive?

No, it will not. ECA stack comprises components that will in no manner affect a person’s decision-making process and emotional well-being. One will, therefore, be entirely responsible for any aggressive behaviour they may display while using the drugs.

Is it legal to buy ECA Stack UK?

Generally, the use of Ephedrine is highly controlled, and only patients who are in dire need of the drug will be found in possession of it. Promotion of Ephedrine containing weight loss supplements was banned in the United States and Canada due to reports of heart attacks, strokes, and death that were associated with this drug. However, Ephedrine on its own is still available over the counter and can be obtained with much ease. Users are still advised not to be in possession of ridiculous amounts of the drug.

It is quite unclear just how legal it is in the UK. It is wise to note however that Ephedrine HCL isn’t a controlled substance and possessing it doesn’t pose much of a threat. However, having large quantities of the drug could land you in trouble because under the medicine act it is illegal and it may be assumed that you are distributing it.