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Why Anavar Is The Most Suitable Steroid For Women


Whether you’re a male or female bodybuilder, the end goal is the same: to build up lean muscle and strip away excess fat.

Once you’ve reached a certain point in your training it can be difficult to progress any further without getting a bit of extra help. Anabolic steroids can certainly take any bodybuilder to the next level of training and physical development.

The problem is that for many women the side effects of anabolic steroids can be pretty unpleasant and may even cause permanent problems if intake isn’t ceased. This can make it tricky to pick an anabolic steroid which is suitable.

However, there is one which fits the bill and can be argued that is an even better fit for women than men: Anavar.


Lack of side effects

Let’s be clear: all anabolic steroids can be harsh on the body but some have the potential to be more difficult to tolerate than others. And for women, this can be enough to render them unusable because their side effects become too intrusive.

One of the biggest problems that women have with anabolic steroids is what’s known as virilization. This can cause coarse body hair to develop, the voice to deepen and the sexual organs such as the clitoris to swell and enlarge. If this happens, steroid use must be ceased immediately to prevent these changes from becoming permanent.

The risk of virilisation with anavar is almost non-existent, allowing women to enjoy the benefits of steroid use without the side effects.



Any bodybuilder will want to eliminate surplus body fat; this is where a cutting cycle is used. Rather than helping to add bulk, cutting is all about reducing down calorific input to strip away fat.

Women tend to carry more subcutaneous fat while men usually have more visceral fat (which is harder to spot). Women therefore often have a greater need for a cutting cycle in order to achieve a lean appearance.

However, cutting can be problematic because even if you manage to strip away the fat you risk losing lean muscle at the same time. Anavar can be invaluable here because as well as being a powerful cutting agent, it also helps to preserve muscle.

When anavar is taken, it’s much easier for women to shed the subcutaneous fat without also losing their muscle. The end result is a much leaner appearance with hard, defined muscles.


Prohormones Vs Steroids

If you’ve got your training and diet bang on track and are looking to gain an extra advantage, supplements and compounds are the next thing to consider.

The most well known form of bodybuilding supplement are anabolic steroids but not everyone is willing to risk the potential side effects. Prohormones offer an alternative, giving a boost to lean muscle but with milder possible side effects.

So as a bodybuilder, what’s the difference between taking prohormones and steroids? We take a look at the facts.

Prohormones Vs Steroids

The biological process

There are many different types of steroid, but the ones which are of interest to bodybuilders are known as Androgenic Anabolic Steroids (AAS).

AAS are made synthetically and created to closely resemble testosterone. This means that within the body they will bind to androgen receptors in the same way that testosterone would, creating the same anabolic effect. This process is what leads to enhanced fat burning and a greater ability to build lean muscle tissue.

Prohormones are a group of compounds which are known to act as a type of “precursor”. They enter the body in an inactive form which then convert to become active, and can then encourage the body to produce its own natural steroids.

The types of prohormone which bind to the androgen receptors will lead to the same kind of effect as anabolic steroids.

The benefits of steroids

Anabolic steroids have been around for many decades and much is known about their action in the body, and in some cases, how to control the side effects.

There’s a great range of steroids available and they can be used for both bulking and cutting. It’s possible to build lean muscle tissue very quickly and the results can be absolutely astonishing.

Going off cycle can result in a loss of some of the benefits acquired but the right kind of PCT can help you to hang on to much more of the mass gained.

Steroids can be taken either orally or injected. The benefits of being injectable mean that the drug bypasses the typical hepatotoxicity problems which arise with oral C17-alpha alkylated steroids.

By contrast, the effects of prohormones tend to be weaker, but with the same risk of side effects occurring. In addition, as an oral compound they carry a much greater risk of toxicity to the liver.

The benefits of prohormones

Prohormones or SteroidsBecause they are taken orally, prohormones are very convenient and great for users who don’t like to inject.

Although not as strong as anabolic steroids, prohormones still pack a powerful punch and you could experience a range of beneficial effects including:

  • An increase in lean mass
  • Improved endurance and strength
  • Faster recovery
  • Higher libido
  • Greater sense of competitiveness

Side effects are possible when taking prohormones, and are largely the same as those you could experience when taking anabolic steroids. However, aside from hepatotoxicity, you may find that any side effects aren’t quite as severe and can be more easily controlled.


Finally, the issue of legality is one which has meant that for a long time the slightly weaker effects of prohormones were preferred because of the legal position.

However, the Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2014 changed the position.

Pro hormones are now treated in the same way as anabolic steroids, with the burden of proof being on the manufacturer to show the compound is legal rather than the FDA being forced to prove its case against each drug individually.

This tightening of the law in 2014 effectively wiped out one of the main advantages for prohormones, making them just as illegal as anabolic steroids.


Both sets of drugs offer significant advantages for bodybuilders but neither are without risk, so anyone considering taking them should do their homework before starting a cycle.

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Why Is Rest Very Important When It Comes to Building Muscle

Most athletes, body builders, and fitness gurus understand the importance of a good warm up before hitting the gym hard and heavy and of appropriate rest times in between all your body building and weight lifting sets.  In addition, there is not a bodybuilder or avid weight lifter out there that will not tell you how critical getting the right amount of sleep each night is to your overall workouts and more importantly to your fitness goals and results.  Many will tell you that, believe it or not, sleep is every bit as important as your exercise and workout itself.

Sleep and Your Muscle Growth

Though the majority of people are clueless to the fact that sleep and muscle growth must be incorporated together in order to achieve successful results with your fitness routine, athletes and those dedicated to their weekly workouts, will confirm that one is critically important to the other when building muscle.  It’s normal for people when thinking about building muscle mass to think about long hard hours in the gym working out, weight lifting, and performing a variety of other exercises as well.  Typically, it is necessary to spend lots of hours in the gym in order to build muscle mass and reach those all-important fitness goals.

In addition, people are very well aware that a good balanced diet is also critical to obtaining your fitness goals.  However, there are not many people who remotely think about sleep when they think about body building, weight lifting and building muscle.  The truth is that sleep plays a critical role in achieving fitness objectives and in the growth of muscle mass.

a picture of a bodybuilder asleep

When people work out, their muscles encounter a wide range of tiny little microscopic tears that require repair at some point in order to strengthen your muscles and grow muscle mass.  One of the most important tools for repairing muscle tears after a hard workout is sleep.  When you are sleeping, your body takes advantage of this down time and sets in motion the steps needed to repair and bring back to life your muscle tissue that was ‘damaged’ during your weight lifting or body building regimen.   While you are sleeping, your body actually performs metabolism at a rate that is far greater than when your body is awake and active.  Therefore, it is important to get sufficient sleep each night in order to ensure that your torn muscles are repaired properly and effectively.

How Much Sleep Is Necessary?

Bodybuilders and fitness gurus do not work out every day.  Although you do not typically work out every day, it is important to sleep every day and to get the right amount of sleep each day that is essential to the repair of torn muscle tissue. It goes without saying that getting enough sleep is important every day of our lives, and especially on those days when you work out and train.  Statistics and research will tell us that 8 to 10 hours of sleep per night is a necessary component of your workout programs.  Keeping consistency in your sleep patterns is also important to your everyday body, and to your work out body as well, which is why you want to avoid sleeping too much or too little.

A Happier and Healthier You

Engaging in regular work out or bodybuilding routines is a good step toward feeling better about yourself.  Following the health steps that are critical to consistent workouts, such as a good balanced diet and lots of sleep, will definitely afford you the benefits you need to reach those all-important goals for building muscle mass and increasing your body’s overall strength.  If you are one of the millions of people who are committed and dedicated to your daily exercise and workout routines, then be certain to incorporate both a balanced diet and plenty of sleep each and every night into your daily regimen.  Rest assured, in time you will see and enjoy the goals you set out to achieve and will ultimately fall in love with the happier and healthier you.

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Creatine: the facts

The world of bodybuilding is overflowing with a wealth of possible supplements, all of which promise to deliver better results.

While some supplements deliver, others don’t really add any value so it’s worth thinking carefully about any you choose to add to your regime.

Creatine has been around for a while, and although it’s been surrounded by many myths and inaccuracies, the fact remains that it really does work.

Here’s what you need to know about creatine, and why it’s a must-have supplement for bodybuilders.

How does creatine work?

Creatine is one of the most researched supplements and is one which most people have heard of, even newbies.

picture of creatine

When a muscle contracts, it is forced to snap adenosine triphosphate (ATP) off from a phosphate group. This leaves behind ADP (adenosine diphosphate). Unfortunately, ADP can’t be used as a form of energy for ongoing muscle use so it needs to find a phosphate to reconfigure into ATP. The muscles do this by taking phosphate from the body’s store of creatine phosphate.

By taking creatine, you will be bumping up your body’s own store and providing a greater supply for the muscles to use. This means that ATP can be formed more quickly and easily, allowing your muscles to train for longer.

The benefits of creatine

The above mechanism of creatine shows the very basic function it performs within the body, but the potential benefits it offers is far greater than simply improved stamina.

Here’s a look at some of the advantages that using creatine brings:

  • Enables high intensity training because the energy released is immediately available
  • Aids recovery
  • Heightens anaerobic ability
  • Promotes brain function
  • Increases the size of muscle fibres
  • Reduces the incidence of age-related muscle loss (sarcopaenia)
  • Improves glucose tolerance
  • Promotes bone healing
  • Increases muscle power

Creatine can be particularly beneficial for vegetarians who may have lower levels of creatine in their body. Research suggests that the uptake of creatine by vegetarians is much higher, and results in even greater levels of creatine stores.

Side effects

Many performance enhancing drugs, such as anabolic steroids, have the ability to deliver vastly improved results but there’s often side effects too.

There’s lots of rumours about the possible side effects that creatine causes including:

  • Liver/kidney damage
  • Dehydration and cramping
  • Compartment syndrome
  • Rhabdomyolysis (a condition where skeletal muscle breaks down)
  • Weight gain
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort

Extensive research has been carried out into the use of creatine and no significant side effects have been noted, with the sole exception of gastrointestinal discomfort. In a very small amount of cases some GI distress may be experienced but this is typically either due to the creatine being taken on an empty stomach, or a high dose. The vast majority of individuals will not suffer any GI ill effects due to taking creatine.

A beneficial supplement

Double blind studies have shown that taking creatine will not be harmful to the individual’s health in any way, providing the recommended dose is adhered to. Some people will particularly benefit from taking creatine including bodybuilders, vegetarians and anyone suffering from a neurodegenerative disease.


Why is a good whey protein essential for bodybuilding?

If you’re not getting enough protein, no matter how hard you train, you’re never going to build the muscle you want.

But although it’s important to eat properly, it can be difficult to fit all of the protein you need into your daily diet, particularly if you’re not going to be at home.

Whey protein can help to make sure that you not only get enough protein to build muscle, but also delivers it in such a way that it can be used more easily by your body.

Here’s just a few reasons why a good whey protein should be part of every bodybuilder’s diet.

Preserves muscles

If you’re on a cutting cycle, it can be a big challenge to reduce your calorific intake while still holding on to your muscle mass.

Whey protein has been shown to help conserve muscle, even when you’re trying to shed body fat. And as an extra advantage, whey protein has even been linked to a greater reduction in body fat than dieting and exercise alone.

chocolate whey protein powder

This means that if you add whey protein to a cutting cycle, you’ll retain more mass and shed fat more easily – perfect!

Supports bodily functions

Whey protein is fast-acting which means it will be in your bloodstream in less than half an hour. This makes it a very accessible form of protein for the body and can be used either before exercise to promote muscle mass growth or following exercise for recovery.

Whey proteins contain what experts describe as essential amino acids and can help to promote muscle repair and maintain metabolic processes.

Put simply, whey protein supports the body in a variety of different ways which leads to quicker recovery, bigger muscles and less body fat.

Buying whey protein

Taking whey protein is a no-brainer for any bodybuilder but it’s not enough to simply ram any type of powder into your diet. Taking a poor whey protein won’t provide you with the benefits that you might have been expecting.

One easy way to tell if you’re getting the real deal is to take a look at the ingredients list. What you want to see is the list packed with whey protein, and not fillers such as carbohydrate and fats.

Most whey powders are flavoured to taste nicer but you still need to check you’re not overloading your system with sugars and other fillers. The nutrition panel can be an easy way to check the contents.

But even if the protein content is high, not all whey proteins are created equal; look out for hydrolysed whey protein isolate or whey protein isolate as the top ingredient on the list. Whey protein concentrate isn’t such good quality because the process involves less filtering which means more carbohydrates will remain. The amount of protein in concentrate can be as low as 35% so this is a very important factor in the quality of the whey.

The very best whey powders contain at least 80%, and preferably over 90%, protein.

Make your whey protein count

If you’re taking a whey protein, it’s because you want your body to have the best chance of building muscle. You don’t need surplus carbs, fats and sugars because you can get those from your diet easily enough.

By making sure that you have a whey powder which is high in good quality protein, you can be sure that you’ll get the effect that you are paying for.

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Orals vs Injectables: Which is best?

If there is one debate that comes up every year on steroids forums is the ‘oral vs. injectable’ debate. With the increase in the usage of steroids, more people are on the lookout for the safest way to take the steroids without too much side effects on their bodies. Which method of consumption yields the best results?

There are hundreds of opinions out there on the best option between the two. To understand the best option between orals and injectable steroids, let’s have a discussion of the two looking at the similarities and differences.

Oral Steroids

Oral steroids come in a suspension form or tablets. They are taken almost on a daily basis with basic examples being, Dianabol, Anadrol, and the Halotestin. When it comes to the side effects, oral steroids present more risks with most of them being toxic to the liver especially if taken in high doses. Oral steroids are more toxic to the liver than all other forms of steroids out in the market. However, most experts in the use of steroids will tell you there is nothing more powerful in gaining muscles within a short period like oral steroids.

orals vs injectables

Some of the side effects users can expect from oral steroids include bloating, headaches and high blood pressure. The main reason most body builders choose oral steroids over injectable steroids is due to their ability to promote massive muscle gains within a very short period.

Injectable Steroids

Injectable steroids are the type of steroids that are injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously. These, unlike the oral steroids, require very little dosage. The frequent of dosage usually depends on the half-life of the steroid used. Examples of injectable steroids include Trenbolone, Winstrol and Deca-Durabolin. Injectable steroids are ideal for high-quality gains over a period.

Despite being less toxic on the liver, they still have some side effects that vary depending on the type of steroid used. In some instances, pain and swelling occur at the site of the injection due to the impurities in the compounds. The injections can sometimes hit the lymphatic system causing a localized swelling. The effect is usually minimal but can sometimes result in edema. The site of injection might also become infected if poorly treated. In other cases, the user might accidental inject into tendons and other dangerous areas causing harm to the body.

Injections are safer if they are well administered but then there is the risk of introducing the steroid into the body.

Oral vs. Injectable: Which Should you choose?

The two methods each have their benefits and cons. Primarily, oral steroids offer very massive muscle gains within a very short duration. On the other hand, injectable steroids off small but high-quality muscle gain over a long period. Most body builders and athletes will use both during a cycle. Most start with the oral steroids to kick start their muscle growth before continuing with the oral steroids. By doing this, they gain huge muscles from the start and maintain them through the injectable.

Final Verdict

Despite the two being great options, injectable appear to be the best option with several benefits including:

  • Better for the liver
  • Better libido
  • Longer period to develop muscles and maintain the gains
  • Fewer side effects
  • Less dosage

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Training Natural vs Steroids – Pros & Cons

This is a decision that all gym goers must make. This is highly personal question that only the person themselves can answer.  In my honest opinion i would say that training natural is the best way to go for the majority of people.

Too many people jump into taking steroids before even having a diet worthy of using them. The truth being told is that most recreational steroid users are not in the position to be using these powerful hormones.

Diet, training, rest, and consistency must be as close as perfect as possible before someone should decide to cycle. What we are seeing is people using steroids which papers over the cracks of there sub-par diet etc.

male steroid user

I have personally never taken any steroids but this may change in the future. I do think about cycling most days but i always talk myself out of it because i am nowhere ready for them. I can get much stronger and grow so much more naturally.

Without being big headed i would say that my physique is better than many steroid users in my local gym. If you commit yourself properly you can achieve great things naturally.

Here is a video of the great Rich Piana discussing the issue which i would like to share with you guys.



Welcome to the Wrath Lab blog. This is a project that we have been looking at doing for a very long time now. Finally the time has come to launch this free information source.

You will find lots of bodybuilding help within this section so keep checking back to stay on top of the latest content.


What Exactly is Protein Powder

Protein powders have gained popularity over the past couple of years for a good reason. It is a well-liked diet supplement meant for people of all ages. Protein powders are included in nutrition shakes, baby formulas while some weight loss supplements are formulated using the powder as a supplement. Young men on the other hand prefer to use whey protein powder for building muscle. However, the big question is: Does protein powder pose a health risk for users? Is it safe? Well, it depends on a lot of factors. It is worth noting that consuming excessive amounts of protein powder has long-term effects that may be damaging.

picture of a scoop of protein powder

Early studies indicate that protein powder supplements make the immune system stronger and provide users with athletic endurance. Furthermore, whey protein is attributed to increasing energy, fighting stress and improving mental focus. The earlier studies prove that select protein powders play a major role particularly with regard to the body’s ability to fight cancer. Whey protein also helps lower cholesterol, reduces blood sugar, treats asthma, and prevents allergies.

Studies conducted so far indicate that consuming protein powder as a supplement before and after exercising significantly improves muscle strength, promotes lean muscle growth and enhances body immunity. A study done in the US took 387 Marines as test subjects for a basic training exercise. After 54 days had elapsed, the Marines who took protein powder supplements showed greater improvement in their immune systems. As a result, their medical visits were fewer by 33% compared to the group that was given placebos. The Marines taking protein powder also experienced very minimal to no muscle soreness.

When a protein supplement is digested immediately after an exercise routine, the body is supplied with sufficient amounts of amino acids necessary for repairing the body and building new muscles. For this reason, consuming whey protein powder is highly recommended especially right after an exercise routine mostly because it contains a large amount of leucine. According to the Joslin Diabetes Center, Leucine is absorbed quicker and easier.

picture of a bodybuilder with whey protein powder

Whey protein powder is famously regarded as a high quality protein powder. In fact, scientists and nutrition specialists consider it a complete protein. This means it contains the nine Amino Acids. This protein supplement is highly beneficial and convenient for most people. Nevertheless it is possible to have too much protein. Just because this is a complete protein doesn’t mean you can consume multiple servings a day.

Most of the benefits of protein powder can be linked to its powerful antioxidant features. The antioxidant features can be attributed to glutathione. People with liver disease, HIV and different types of cancers are all likely to develop extremely low levels of glutathione. Studies confirm that consuming whey protein significantly boosts glutathione levels in the body. Whey protein also has a positive effect on inflammation and asthma symptoms as it indirectly increases glutathione levels.

Although protein powder is a perfectly safe supplement for almost anyone, some added benefits can also be provided by real foods. For real and long-term benefits, protein powder should ideally be used as a supplement. It should not be used as a replacement for whole foods.

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The Many Benefits of Using Creatine

For you to have stumbled upon this page we figure that you already know a little about this amazing supplement. For that reason this article will just focus on the findings in some of the studies conducted. By the end of this article you should be mightily impressed.

Proper supplementation is important and this is a fact that those involved in the body/strength training world, both trainers and athletes are aware of. It would be unwise for anybody to put anything in his or her body blindly without first weighing on their benefits and risks. This is why so many medical studies have taken place for creatine over the years.

picture of how creatine looks in powder form

Creatine is one of the more effective supplements to hit the market. However, it is a product not without its share of controversy. Some people believe that it is actually harmful. This stuff is among the most researched supplements in the history of sports nutrition, with over 200 studies being conducted over the last decade. However, since then, it has been found to be one of the supplements that are safer to take if used correctly. The scientific community has recognized it as a product that guarantees to enhance strength and improve muscle size. Its effectiveness is now undeniable.

The following are the benefits associated with the use of creatine:

1. High Intensity Work

Creatine improves the body’s capacity for high intensity work performance.

2. Augments Recovery

It helps to promote complete recovery from intense workout.

3. Increases Anaerobic Capacity

In an impressive study by researchers led by Ziegenfuss, it was established that creatine loading over just three days improved the muscle volume as well as cycle sprint performance in leading power athletes significantly.

4. Increases Muscle Volume

Creatine has a component that causes muscles to expand giving a person a more heavily muscled appearance. Apart from that, it acts as a stimulus for protein synthesis. Those who begin creatine supplementation usually report added weight of up to six pounds in the first few weeks.

5. Improves Performance and Muscle Mass Status in Vegetarians

Vegetarians are normally a group that has lower creatine levels compared to their meat-eating equivalents. Creatine has been found to improve performance and the muscle status in vegetarians. A study revealed that vegetarians are more responsive to creatine supplementation.

6. May Lessen Sarcopaenia (Age Related Muscle Loss)

As we age, the production of anabolic (muscle building) hormones like testosterone, growth hormone and the insulin like growth factors deteriorate naturally. This leads to a natural tendency for those ageing to gradually losing muscle mass. As such, the effects of age related muscle deterioration might be offset by creatine supplementation into older adulthood. But it should be combined with a strength training regime.

picture of how creatine actually works

7. Enhances Bone Regeneration (Healing)

A research conducted by Gerbin and his team at the Institute of cell biology in Switzerland established that creatine can be used effectively either as an adjuvant treatment for bone fracture healing or for osteoporosis therapy. Their in-vivo study led them to conclude that the supplement considerably improved alkaline phosphate’s activity.

8. Enhances Methylation

Supplementing creatine will reduce the drain on the liver and kidneys as well as ease the need for the body to synthesize creatine from amino acids. This will enhance methylation status.

9. Improves Glucose Tolerance

Creatine has been shown to improve glucose tolerance. As such, it might be helpful in battling with diabetes.

Apart from bodybuilders and strength athletes, the ageing population, people with naturally lower levels of creatine (like vegetarians) and those who suffer from neurodegenerative disease. are most likely to experience the positive effects of creatine.

10. Improves Brain Function

Creatine has been found to be a very important neuroprotectant. It can help memory and concentration skills.

As you can see Creatine is a pretty amazing supplement. What is also amazing is that it’s unbelievably cheap. This is probably the cheapest supplement on the market, yet it may be the most effective. Supplementing this sounds like a no brainer to us.