If you have been going to the gym for a few months – or maybe even for years, – and have achieved good results but you still feel that you haven’t reached your peak physique, then maybe it’s time to make some changes. Many gym goers plateau at some point and results stagnate. Below you can find some useful tips that can help you improve your results.

Re-think and re-define your plan

If you have been training without a clear goal in mind, you should definitely re-examine your approach. Why are you training? What are you hoping to achieve? Strength? Muscle growth? Fat loss? It’s hard to train effectively and measure your progress if you don’t know exactly what you are training for.

bodybuilder bench pressing

Once you set your goal, work on a detailed plan, starting with smaller goals that will lead you to your ultimate goal. For instance, if you want to get rid of extra weight, you can start by setting a caloric deficit. You can gradually increase your cardio, while decreasing rest between sets. Keep track of your progress with weekly body fat assessments, progress photos, and measurements.

Establish small goals each week and stay focused. There will be times when you will feel frustrated, but keeping a record of your numbers—whether weight loss or muscle gained – will keep you motivated.

Do not overlook details

Mental fortitude is a key component of the equation. So don’t overlook it.
Daily rest and appropriate nutrition are extremely important if you wish to reach your goals. At a nutritional level, you should make sure that you get around 1 gram of protein per body weight pound. Complex carbs and healthy fats should accompany this protein.

Rest is also crucial. So make sure you sleep at least 8 hours each night and include some rest days in your week. If you are an energetic person, active rest—such as light swimming—might be a good option.

Keep your intake under control

Make sure you monitor and track your nutrition as much as possible. Many athletes recommend tracking what you eat and make the necessary adjustments on the go. Put simple, you can experiment with your calorie intake until you notice that your body weight is heading in the right direction (i.e. losing fat, gaining muscle etc.)

You can start with eating around 15-20% fewer calories than you are currently eating. From there, you can make small adjustments depending on the weight loss rate. And, above all, keep a balanced diet all year round.

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Diversify your routine

If you want to get to the next level, you should avoid doing the same routines week after week. That does not mean that you need a completely new fitness plan. But you can make small changes such as adjusting the grip, the amount of weight, or maybe the amount of reps. Though they may seem small, these changes can dramatically influence you overall progress.

During your next training session, try to shorten your rest periods if you wish to increase the calorie burn. Or lift in a lower rep range if strength is your goal.

Refine your figure

Once you get a solid strength base, refining your physique should be your next goal. Isolation exercises are excellent choices. If you take the time to maximize contraction, you will be able to reach the next training level.

Visualise success to keep yourself motivated

Feeling physically ready for workout is not enough. You also need to make sure that you are always mentally prepared for success. By doing so, you will feel motivated to keep pushing your limits and reach your ultimate goal. If used regularly and properly, visualisation can be an incredibly powerful tool.

Planning a big lift tomorrow? Imagine it all: the outfit, the gym, how you will PR, or add more weight than the day before. This way, you will be mentally prepared for a new successful day at the gym.

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