Whether you’re a male or female bodybuilder, the end goal is the same: to build up lean muscle and strip away excess fat.

Once you’ve reached a certain point in your training it can be difficult to progress any further without getting a bit of extra help. Anabolic steroids can certainly take any bodybuilder to the next level of training and physical development.

The problem is that for many women the side effects of anabolic steroids can be pretty unpleasant and may even cause permanent problems if intake isn’t ceased. This can make it tricky to pick an anabolic steroid which is suitable.

However, there is one which fits the bill and can be argued that is an even better fit for women than men: Anavar.


Lack of side effects

Let’s be clear: all anabolic steroids can be harsh on the body but some have the potential to be more difficult to tolerate than others. And for women, this can be enough to render them unusable because their side effects become too intrusive.

One of the biggest problems that women have with anabolic steroids is what’s known as virilization. This can cause coarse body hair to develop, the voice to deepen and the sexual organs such as the clitoris to swell and enlarge. If this happens, steroid use must be ceased immediately to prevent these changes from becoming permanent.

The risk of virilisation with anavar is almost non-existent, allowing women to enjoy the benefits of steroid use without the side effects.



Any bodybuilder will want to eliminate surplus body fat; this is where a cutting cycle is used. Rather than helping to add bulk, cutting is all about reducing down calorific input to strip away fat.

Women tend to carry more subcutaneous fat while men usually have more visceral fat (which is harder to spot). Women therefore often have a greater need for a cutting cycle in order to achieve a lean appearance.

However, cutting can be problematic because even if you manage to strip away the fat you risk losing lean muscle at the same time. Anavar can be invaluable here because as well as being a powerful cutting agent, it also helps to preserve muscle.

When anavar is taken, it’s much easier for women to shed the subcutaneous fat without also losing their muscle. The end result is a much leaner appearance with hard, defined muscles.